For the past 75 years, Columbus’ remarkable collection of modern architecture, art, and design has been a defining characteristic of the city’s cultural identity, and a key economic driver. With a population of approximately 46,000 people, Columbus remains a shining example in America’s Heartland of what a community can do when it works together with shared values and philosophy. Now is a critical time to care for Columbus’ design heritage and leverage it as a source of inspiration for the next generation.

Landmark Columbus was founded in 2015 and has started a movement to continue the tradition of using design incentives not design control, what we call “progressive preservation.” We have made significant advances in caring for Columbus’ heritage and through Exhibit Columbus we have sparked a design renaissance that connects our future to new audiences and partners. We have shown how Columbus’ heritage can be a beacon to the next generation and a national example of innovation and excellence that is inspiring to people in communities of all sizes.

We believe our mission allows for people in Columbus and far beyond to find meaning and purpose in our work. We are actively looking for new supporters and partners to validate our mission and help us achieve our goal to become financially and culturally sustainable. Together we can leverage a unique part of our identity into a larger platform that reasserts the value that architecture, art, and design have in making people and cities stronger. We can educate this and future generations about the importance of shaping cities to reflect our shared responsibilities and most noble aspirations.

At its best architecture partakes of immortality, giving joy and excitement to the present, and perpetual challenge to the future. When the challenge is of the highest order, it is a most precious legacy to future generations.

J. Irwin Miller