We want to share Exhibit Columbus with a younger audience. Teachers and educators with questions or requests can contact our Education Coordinator, Erin Hetrick at erin@exhibitcolumbus.org

We encourage students of all ages to become “tour guides” for the exhibition. Download our “Hear/Here” iPhone app for your class and have them record their thoughts and stories as you explore the installations.

We would love to hear what else you’re doing in your classroom in response to Exhibit Columbus. Please share with us!

Touring the exhibition with young explorers? Use our activity guide to learn more about our installations, to find ideas for exploring, and to get creative. Download the activity guide or pick up a copy at participating merchants.

Do you have dedicated explorers? Take a look at page 2 of the activity guide to find out how to become an official “Exhibit Columbus Explorer”.

Download the Activity Guide here.

The Maker Studio at Foundation for Youth is a legacy project of Exhibit Columbus. Educators who want to connect classroom content to 21st century technology or young makers and designers can find out more information at The Boys and Girls Club at Foundation for Youth.

The 2019 Exhibit Columbus High School Design Team begins meeting in the fall of 2018. Contact our Education Coordinator for more information.